The Hook-A-Rack® Story
More than ten years ago, Mick Turner was at a crossroads in life.  Having been an avid sportsman and the victim of a very limiting back condition, it appeared his hunting days were limited as any sizable game he harvested would necessitate someone else lifting and transporting the animal back to camp.  Although his closest companion and hunting partner (his son, Chris Turner) was perfectly willing to assume that responsibility, becoming a burden was the last option for Mick.

One of the two major hurdles was overcome when he purchased an ATV to hunt with; however transporting game was only half the battle.  Lifting a 180-275lb limp northern deer three feet off the ground and placing it on the ATV posed an even bigger problem.  His son Chris came up with the ideal solution, an automatic lift utilizing the winch on the ATV that would raise the game from a ground level to the top of the front rack and eliminate the need for any manual lifting whatsoever.

Following several prototypes, the design was decided upon and placed into service.  It was soon discovered to be a tremendous asset as it not only prevented additional traffic in the areas hunted but also proved to save time and additional strain on the backs of all involved.  As the original lift design necessitated bolting or welding to the frame and bumper of the ATV and had not included an option for changing the lift from one ATV to another, the new goal immediately became to build a lift that would meet three criteria.

Those goals included the following; the unit or lift must universally fit nearly all ATV’s and also be attached with minimal effort and also great speed.  Numerous ideas and plans were abandoned, however only two of the objectives could be achieved, ease and the speed of placing the lift on the ATV.  While successfully field testing the lift over the next several years, Mick and Chris soon realized that the lift needed to be a universal product that would fit almost every ATV on the market.  Some well planned out design changes led to a completely universal model.

Once the lift accomplished all three of those major objectives, Mick and Chris shared dreams of offering their product, now known as the “Hookarack”, to the public.  Their hopes are that people who use the “Hookarack” will benefit not only from the ease, speed and versatility of the product but that with the assistance of the “Hookarack”, they too would be able to enjoy their ATV/UTV/SxS year round and do things that were potentially once limiting to them. 

These are some of the Deer Chris and Mick have taken and hauled on the Hook-A-Rack in extreme weather conditions in South Dakota.  They take their hunting seriously and with being life-long hunters, they understand the demands of the outdoors when combined with the quality expected of serious hunters.

The Hook-A-Rack® and Hook-A-Lift® as seen used by Jerry Campbell!

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