Just What Is A Hook-A-Lift®?

Hook-A-Lift® is a unique 2" vehicle adapter, which allows you to mount a Hook-A-Rack® on any vehicle.  Now you can use the winch or loader in front or back of the vehicle making it the most versatile system on the market!  (See the illustration below for clarification)

It's Versatile

Many vehicles come from the factory with 2" receivers but for those vehicles lacking a factory receiver, you can purchase a female 2" receiver from any auto parts supply. You can then mount it by either bolting or welding it to a steel plate then bolting it to the frame so the Hook-A-Lift® can be inserted into the 2" receiver.

Hook-A-Lift® comes equipped with its own universally pre-punched winch mounting plate which accepts most major brands of winches up to 4,000lbs. It can be installed on the front or back of most UTV's, side by side vehicles, electric vehicles, Jeeps, Trucks, SUV's and other types.

See how easy it is to set up with the wiring diagram we've put together just for you.  We recommend installing 12vdc/50A quick connect wiring plugs using #6 AWG wire which are both typically available through a Warn dealer or most major auto parts stores.  This allows you to move Hook-A-Lift® from the front to the back or even another vehicle in seconds!

It's Convenient

  • Can be installed or removed in under 30 seconds after the initial set-up
  • Provides year round use unlike most accessories
  • Eliminates the need for help from multiple people

It's Invaluable

UTVs typically contain a factory installed winch mount inside the front bumper which is very LIMITING to only a few specific uses.  However, as you can imagine, you'll get way more value out of your winching system and allow it to do the work for you with the touch of a button when using the Hook-A-Lift® system.

Hook-A-Lift® is a valuable tool even when not used with a Hook-A-Rack® loader. No other winching system currently on the market can be used in multiple locations while also capable of loading or hauling thus maximizing the use of your winch.  We provide you with a mounting plate for attaching the Hook-A-Rack® loader for dozens upon dozens of additional uses.

Attaching the Hook-A-Lift® to the Hook-A-Rack®

Hook-A-Lift® is designed with a universal winch mounting plate to accept most common winch manufacturers. The Hook-A-Rack® loader bolts to the Hook-A-Lift® so when the two products are used together, the winch system can be used in any 2" receiver independently from the Hook-A-Rack® loading system.

Rating and Weight

Hook-A-Lift®, when used with the Hook-A-Rack® loader, is rated for lifting up to 350 lbs. It weighs about 60 lbs. once the winch is mounted on the universal plate and the Hook-A-Rack® loader is bolted to the Hook-A-Lift®. (Winch not included)

Hook-A-Lift® weighs about 30 lbs. once the winch is mounted on the plate. This weight is without the Hook-A-Rack® loader mounted to the Hook-A-Lift® 2" receiver.

Initial Installation

Hook-A-Lift® initially takes about 30-45 minutes to bolt together when combined with the Hook-A-Rack® loader.  Once the initial set up is complete, it simply attaches or removes in under 30 seconds without leaving anything on the ATV/UTV or truck just as you see in our video.

Field Tested

Field testing was conducted over many years in very harsh environments before introducing this system to the market.  Nothing is faster or more versatile than the Hook-A-Rack for this reason.  Hook-A-Rack is likely the fastest installing accessory on the market and can do more year round work than any other tool hands down!


Do I need the Offset if I am using the Hook-A-Rack® on my ATV?

No, the 2" Offset is necessary on UTV's, SxS's, jeeps and some trucks.

What is the Offset?

The Offset adjusts the height of the Hook-A-Rack® loader to match truck and Side x Side bed heights.  It also allows you to maintain the ground clearance of your vehicle.

The Hook-A-Rack® and Hook-A-Lift® as seen used by Jerry Campbell!

Users Love Hook-A-Rack® and Hook-A-Lift®

Several months ago I purchased a Hook-A-Rack and Hook-A-Lift from you. I have used it a number of times since installing it on my ATV, ie. loaded and hauled hogs, loaded and hauled a 55 gallon burn barrel to dispose of the ashes and have used it to lift and push aside dead fall trees from the trails and roadway. I am 72 years old and the Hook-A-Rack works perfectly and I am very satisfied with your product. I also recommended your product to a fellow hunter and you should be hearing from him shortly.


Chuck Torman, Alabama


Wanted to send you a pic from last deer season of my Hook-A-Rack in use. It is mounted on my Yamaha Big Bear 400. I'm coming up on my third season with it on my 4 wheeler and it is just awesome! I use it for so much more than just loading deer. I get a lot of use from it when we are planting and preparing our property because it allows me to carry a lot more stuff on my 4 wheeler that I would normally would not be able to carry without it. One of my hunting buddies had to get one for himself after seeing mine in action.

Thanks for making such a great product!

Scott Olds

I have had a Hook-A-Rack for several years. Let me tell you it is an essential piece of my hunting gear. I have used the Hook-A-Rack to haul out deer and pigs from the swamps of south Louisiana. I have also used it to help haul out stands, feeders and bags of corn. Each time I used it I knew it would be sturdy enough to handle the job. After years of use in some pretty tough terrain, the finish is in great shape and no corrosion present. This is one piece of gear I have no regrets about buying and would recommend it to anyone who asked.

Thom, LA

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