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Hook-A-Rack® Photo Gallery
The Backstop works like a grappler and is AWESOME for loading, squeezing and hauling things!
Same set up as above with branches. Grappler type effect and secures any cargo without worry of loosing your cargo or it working loose.
Yamaha Rhino Customer Photo - This proud woman took her first deer, loaded it by herself and drove to camp! Awesome!!
Yamaha Grizzly with HookARack
Grizzly with 2 Man Ice Shanty - No Trailer Needed - Old model shown in this photo.
Night Hunting Wild Hogs
Night Hunting Wild Hogs - Fast Game Recovery Notice the saplings around the background. With the Hook-A-Rack, you can drive right over the saplings and recover your game easily. Many times it's hard to even walk through the areas wild game will go.
Yamaha Bruin 250cc with 300lb Wild Hog - Photo taken while loading.
Hunting Chronicles TV Show Pro Staff loaded this 400+lb Black Bear in Canada
Customer Photo - Bombardier Outlander XT - Canada Outfitter
Backwoods Bones TV Show - Canada
Yamaha Customer Photo of a nice Whitetail Deer
Photo provided by Marti Davis (Women's Outdoor writer) - Young hunter with his young Buck he loaded without anyone helping him
Honda Rancher Customer Photo hauling a Whitetail Buck
Honda Foreman Customer Photo
Honda Foreman Customer Photo
Customer Photo with Canadian Bear
Canada Outfitter customer that uses Hook-A-Rack to move his Boat motors to guide boats
Moving The Boat Motor
S. TX customer photo of a nice Whitetail Buck
Canada customer that has harvested many nice Whitetails and uses his Hook-A-Rack to drive out to his hunting locations and recover his game quickly with miles traveled when done.
This Canadian customer has taken many nice Deer and recovers his game with Hook-A-Rack, driving many miles back to the farm in a short amount of time.
2 Man Ladder Stand on a Hook-A-Rack
This young hunter took his first big Wild Hog with a bow, then loaded his prize up and hauled it to camp in under 5 minutes. This Hog dropped in an area impassable by foot with saplings and brush so thick tracking was nearly impossible.
Nice Whitetail from the midwest after a nice ride back to the farm
Every Hook-A-Rack comes with 4 hooks for hauling 5 gallon buckets which can weigh up to 200lbs depending on what materials or feed are being hauled. Works well for stocking ponds in remote locations also.
Hook-A-Rack lowers flat to the ground to load...
Hook-A-Rack allows you to carry twice as much as an ATV otherwise will carry...
Who's Your Friend
Customer from SC sent us this photo of this nice buck he loaded with his Hook-A-Rack
Hook-A-Rack loads your game on the front rack of the ATV
Another angle of a big Wild Hog on the front rack after loading him up with the Hook-A-Rack
2009 IA Whitetale Deer loaded with Hook-A-Rack
Hauling Wood
Hauling Fencing Materials
Working in the Field

The Hook-A-Rack® and Hook-A-Lift® as seen used by Jerry Campbell!

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